Explorers and History of Australia – History and geography in seconde

1490_world_map_Martellus - low

The first group worked in the last weeks on the age of explorations…

They created interviews on these famous people who explored the world and who were the first Europeans to set foot in America, Asia or to cross the oceans : Columbus, Magellan, Gama, Drake, Vespucci, Cabot.

They are now preparing an exhibition on Australia and its people : we will be able soon to learn more aout the Aborigenes in Australia, the colonization of the continent, the life of the settlers but also how the Aborigenes lived after the colonization in the school library!


Liverpool School Trip – Sept-Oct 2019

September / October 2019 : LIVERPOOL school trip for the Euro students!

We had a great time visiting Liverpool and its surroundings :

  • The international slavery museum, the maritime museum and the Beatles museum
  • The cathedral of Liverpool
  • The Land Rover factory in Halewood
  • The city of Chester
  • The Formby National Trust reserve
  • The amazing walk in the Snowdonia National Park…

and much more!


To see more pictures of the trip, let’s follow this LINK!