Want to know more about the heart?


The first students in Biology have worked on the heart… Here you’ll listen what they’ve learned about this amazing organ of ours!



Hello everyone!

The students of the euro class in « première » just come back from a school trip in Liverpool.

On November 9th, 49 students and 5 teachers left Brochon to join Chester, near Liverpool! The week was dedicated to history, geography, culture and music, but also environment! We’ve been to Wales to hike in the Snowdonia National Park, to Liverpool to visit many museums and learn more about the history of the city through slavery and emigration, and its regeneration. We also spent some time on the coastline to understand the threats and the species living in dunes of Formby National Reserve ; discovered the statues of Gormley on Crosby Beach. Don’t forget The Beatles, the iconic group of the city : we sang their songs, visited the museum of the Beatles story and went to the Cavern Club! The Land-Rover experience was also part of the schedule : visiting the factory was amazing!

Look at:

  • the video to see pictures of this great school trip
  • the « Danse movie » created by 4 of our students

following this link: LIVERPOOL SCHOOL TRIP 2018


This is the end… of the academic year!

This academic year, the schedule was full of great projects : an exchange with the Czech Republic, an exchange with a school in Milan in Italy, a trip in Liverpool, a trip on the steps of Leonardo Da Vinci near Amboise, a celebration of Py Day, an exhibition on the « Great war panorama » of Joe Sacco, a team work to imagine the city of the future….

We hope next year will be as rich and existing as this one!